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              導語:是否一想起每天N個小時的路途奔波就皺眉頭?是否覺得現在從事的工作就像雞肋,食之無味,棄之可惜?是否懼怕求職路上的不可知性而安于現狀?是否。。。有很多的假設,外語網小編認為無論假設有多少,唯一能構成的理由就是你不開心了,那么就just do it(*^__^*) ……你,準備好跳槽了嗎?O(∩_∩)O~~

            How Many Ways Can You Say Goodbye to a Job?




            As talk of a thaw in hiring freezes rises above a whisper, many people are already planning to look for a new position when the job market picks up. 隨著關于招聘市場解凍的傳言漸起,許多人都琢磨著要在就業市場回暖時找份新工作。

            Some 60% of workers say intend to leave their jobs when the economy approves, according to a survey by Right Management, a talent and careermanagement consulting firm in Philadelphia. It might be tempting to give the boss an earful if you land a new job in the coming months. But the way you quit can have a long term impact on your career. How to resign on good terms:在接受費城職業管理咨詢公司Right Management調查的美國雇員中,約有六成的人說希望在經濟好轉后辭去現有工作。假如未來幾個月你能找到下家,那么在臨別前你可能頗有那么點想向老板甩上幾句狠話。不過,你離職的方式有可能給你的職業生涯帶來長期影響。以下是幾種恰當的職場“分手”禮儀:

            Be prepared. 有備而來。

            Review your employee handbook or employment contract before announcing your decision, so you know what company policy is regarding resignations, severance, the return of company property and pay for unused vacation time. Also, find out the company's reference policy to see what information will be disclosed to a prospective employer. If you have another job lined up, be sure to have your offer in writing before you resign. 在宣布離職決定之前,看看自己的員工手冊或勞動合同,這樣你會了解公司在辭職、解約、返還公司財物以及未休假補薪等方面有什么政策。此外,閱讀一下公司的參考政策條例,了解你的哪些信息將可能披露給未來的雇主。如果你已經找到了新的工作,確保在遞交辭呈之前已是聘書在手。

            Use it or lose it. 休還是不休?

            If you haven't used vacation time and will lose it if you quit, you might want to use your time before leaving or link it to your resignation date. States like California consider accrued vacation time to be part of wages and must be paid upon resignation or termination says employment attorney Michael J. Goldfarb, president of Northridge Calif. based Holman HR. But if you don't want to burn any bridges, don't take vacation and announce your departure just after you return. 如果你還有假期未休,而且在辭職后也將清零的話,你或許想要在離職前把它們休完或基于它考慮自己的離職日期。加州北嶺職業顧問公司Holman HR總裁、雇傭法律師邁克爾。戈德法爾博(Michael J. Goldfarb)說,在加州等州,應計休假時間是薪資計算的組成部分,雇主必須在離職或解約之前把這筆錢付給雇員。不過,如果你要是想給自己留條后路,就不要休了假然后回來就馬上宣布辭職。

            Make an appointment. 與老板約談。

            'Be formal and make an appointment with your boss, ' recommends Tanya Maslach, a San Diego, Calif., career expert who specializes in relationship management issues. 'Prepare what you want to say. Be direct and engaging and be transparent, ' Ms. Maslach says. She also recommends offering to help make the transition easier; ask your boss how you can best do that. After the discussion, put your resignation in a hardcopy letter that includes your last day and any transitional help you've offered. Keep a copy. Two weeks advance notice is still standard but experts recommend offering more time if you've worked at the company for more than five years. You also need to be prepared to leave right away some companies require it. 主攻管理關系問題的職業顧問泰婭?馬斯拉奇(Tanya Maslach)建議,辭職也要鄭重其事,并和老板約談一下。她說,準備好自己要說的話,要直接、誠懇和明了。她建議辭職者主動提出幫助進行工作交接,問問老板自己怎樣做才好。在討論之后,向你的老板提交一封仔細措辭的辭職信,標明你具體的離職時間以及你在交接過程中可以提供怎樣的幫助。自己保留一份復印件。通行做法是留出兩周的離職通知時間,但是專家建議,如果你在一家公司供職五年以上,你應該為老東家留出更多的交接時間。你也要做好立即離職的準備,有的公司有此要求。

            Don't take the stapler. 順手牽羊使不得。

            'It's not worth it, ' says Mr. Goldfarb. 'If there are security cameras or coworkers with a grudge, stealing from the company doesn't look good.' In some cases, you could also end up getting billed for the missing equipment or even taken to court, he says. 戈德法爾博說,千萬別順走訂書機之類的小東西,那樣不值得。他說,如果公司裝有安全攝像頭,或你的同事對你有意見,那么你這種在公司小偷小摸的行為會讓自己很難看。在某些情況下,你可能要為丟失的物件埋單,甚至會被告上法庭。

            Scrub your digital footprint. 抹去你的電子足跡。

            Clear your browser cache, remove passwords to Web sites you use from work, such as your personal email or online bank account and delete any personal files on your work computer that aren't relevant to work. Don't delete anything work related if you're required to keep it.清空你的瀏覽器緩存,刪去你在辦公室登入個人郵箱或網上銀行帳戶時輸入的密碼,并刪除你電腦上任何與工作無關的個人文件。如果公司要求你保留一些工作文件的話,那么不要刪掉它們。

            Be honest but remain positive.誠實,但要保持正面姿態。

            Be helpful during the exit interview but keep responses simple and professional. Don't use the session to lay blame or rant about the workplace. 'Whatever you do, don't confess about how much you disliked working there,' says Ms. Maslach. 'If you want to leave a helpful bit of advice or opinion, consider offering your expertise to your soontobe exboss . . . offer to be available to them for advice when they get in a rut.'在離職面談中要表示愿意為公司提供幫助,但你的回答應力求簡單而專業。不要在這個時候抱怨或斥責現在的這份工作。馬斯拉奇說,你無論如何都不要明說自己有多么討厭這份工作。她說,如果你想留下一些有用的建議或看法,就把它們告訴即將成為你前老板的人吧……告訴他們如果以后在工作中想聽到建議的話,自己愿意伸出援手。

            Stay close. 保持密切聯系。

            Consider joining an employee alumni association, which often serves as a networking group for former employees. It can be a good way to keep up with changes in the company and industry and find leads to new jobs down the road. Keep in touch with coworkers you worked closely with; they may end up in management roles. 考慮加入前雇員組成的小團體,建立一個聯絡平臺。這是緊跟公司和行業變化的好辦法,而且你還能并從中發現可能的工作機會。和你的前同事保持聯系,因為他們日后有可能躋身管理層。



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